I first got introduced to the Lions Club by my father who was member of the Detroit North End Lions.  We went to the 1968 International Convention in Chicago and it was fascinating to meet people from all over the world. I like being a part of a group that helps serve the local community. And at the same time we are developing friendships with like minded people. I would encourage anyone looking for service and fellowship opportunities to come visit us.
My name is Mary and I am a Lion.

I am a Lion because as a business owner, I was very lucky and things 
were going extremely well. My wife and I had 3 healthy children and I wanted to give back to the Community. The Lions Club met near my office and I was invited to a meeting and I thought, how great is this! We have fun together, raise money and help people along the way. Perfect! That was 25 years ago and I am still having fun.  
My name is Marty and it's GREAT to be a Lion! "

I was a CPA in Royal Oak when my brother, Jim, asked me about joining the Royal Oak Lions In 1980. I thought this would be a good way to get involved in the community. It offered a way for me to give something in return for the many blessings I had received. Before long, I was Treasurer “for life” (actually only seven years), until I went through the chairs twice to become President. Now I am Secretary “for life”. I just don’t know how to say “no”. My name is Bob and it is an honor and a privilege to serve as a Lion.

I am a Lion because when I was little, I remember going to the Christmas parties and receiving a surprise from Santa.  Now I like to be part of the fun while other little kids get to experience what I experienced as a child and hear all their excitement and anticipation of what happens during this fun day.  I am also a Lion because I have a Leader Dog and want to continue to help raise funds for the Leader Dog School.  I also want to help the Lions give back to the community as they have done a lot for me indirectly with the Leader Dog School.
My name is Karen and I am a Lion!